"Parfait",the TOUSHINDAI figure

"Parfait",the TOUSHINDAI figure / kawaii-dolls

ジャンル: オリジナル

"Parfait" is the first product of TOUSHINDAI figure made by "kawaii-dools" for overseas.
TOUSHINDAI means it as the same size as human.
"Parfait" is faithfully reproduced the character designed by Mr.SHOJI Ayumu,who is popular illustrator in Japan.
This is a unique TOUSHINDAI figures that is very popular in Japan.

The number of flexible regions is 14(a head, both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists, a waist, both hip joints, both knees, both ankles) .The hand is made from the flexible material and each finger moves independently. 

How to play together with "Parfait" is various.
You can change her dress or can put on the passenger seat of your car. 
It is free what you do with her.
For example, please give a new name to her.
By doing so, she will become only your steady. 

タイトル "Parfait",the TOUSHINDAI figure
サークル kawaii-dolls
種別 グッズ
対象年齢 全年齢
価格 650,000円 (税抜)
発行日 2013年03月22日
Sold out


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